We’re a business renewal accelerator helping Enterprise Innovators compete in the Connected World.

CDI is a collaborative made up of passionate business leaders, entrepreneurial ecosystems and progressive communities focused on transforming the Detroit region into an engine of Innovation where the Connected World can move from an intellectually-stimulating concept to a powerful and lasting reality.

We have a grand vision.

The Detroit region will be recognized globally as the go-to place for making connected life experiences real. The Detroit ecosystem and communities will grow together. CDI will serve as the glue that bonds the region and a diverse set of regional enterprise, entrepreneurial and community innovators with a focus on transforming together.


Our Members are passionate Enterprise Innovators eager to uncover insights, explore partnerships and discover business opportunities beyond the borders of their own industries.

Incubation Phase Members

Membership Offerings

CDI provides cutting-edge services to help our Members build the capability of Collaborative Innovation. Our offerings include:

  • Innovation Networking and Development
  • Disruptor Expert Series
  • Startup Days / PoT Demonstrations
  • Cross-Industry Topic Exploration
  • Enterprise Innovator Co-Working Space
  • Facilitated Matchmaking & Cross-Industry Ideation


We bridge the gaps between Enterprise Innovators, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Progressive Communities to build the Connected World in Detroit.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

We team with Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to help Members drive new ideas quickly. By creating an environment where large companies and entrepreneurs are interacting and ideating together, we enable disruptive innovation and knowledge transfer of nascent market opportunities.

Progressive Communities

We work with Progressive Communities who understand the world is changing and raise their hands to be the sandbox for connected innovation. These communities understand the benefits that a connected community brings. Together, we find creative ways for their citizens to benefit from corporate innovation, while also engaging these same citizens in the innovation process.

The Connected Life Lab

We provide a place for large enterprises, entrepreneurs, and communities to experience the future. We’re leveraging the Detroit region’s many innovation assets as a singular Connected Life Lab to support enterprise innovation.


There is a lot of innovation happing in and around the region.  With the help of our partners at Spatial, CDI has mapped the nodes of innovation activity in Detroit – a region that presents countless opportunities to engage in collaborative innovation.