CDI Partners with Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to assist members in driving new ideas.

CDI catalyzes Enterprise Innovation through active relationships with top Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. By creating an environment where large enterprises and entrepreneurs are interacting and ideating together, CDI helps to bridge the known gap between entrepreneurs and large enterprises. CDI keeps its finger on the pulse of the entrepreneurial community and selects and engages upstarts as the needs of the enterprises dictate.

CDI positions Progressive Communities to act as Living Laboratories.

Detroit is transforming. It is a city unlike any other. It has a population that has a tremendous mix of age, race and ethnic background, a population that has an influx of young professionals, but that also has a poverty rate that first world nations rarely see. In the true fighting spirit of Detroit, Progressive Communities are emerging that are challenging the status quo. These Progressive Communities understand that the world is changing and are raising their hands to be the sandbox for Connected Innovation. By partnering with CDI, Progressive Communities are finding creative ways for their citizens to benefit from corporate innovation, while also engaging these same citizens in the innovation process.

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