Nov 30 2017

CDI Annual Report Review and Networking Event (November 30)

Join CDI as we reflect on the journey of the past year and set course for our collaborative future.

Oct 06 2017

AR/VR and Your Next Generation Workforce (October 6)

Come explore AR/VR with Oakland University and CDI as we collaborate around the buildout of the Oakland University Honors College AR/VR lab environment that will be available for use by students and CDI Member organizations. This lab will create a location that can be harnessed to showcase the power of collaboration and innovation by you and your enterprise innovation peers – as well as the next generation workforce.

Sep 11 2017

Beyond Mentoring – Collaborative Innovation for the Enterprise (September 11)

As a modern leader at your corporation, you understand the importance of innovation in the enterprise.  But do you focus enough on collaborative innovation? Join Ted Serbinski (Director, Techstars Mobility) and Gregg Garrett (Founder, Connected Detroit Innovates) to explore how collaborative innovation is needed in the Connected World.

Aug 30 2017

How AR/VR Can Shatter Business As Usual: A CDI Insider Discussion

Join the CDI Team for an exclusive, members only event where one of our members discusses what it is like to launch a Google Glass 2.0 solution. During this one-hour session, we will learn about our member’s experiences, discuss opportunities with regard to healthcare, explore together how AR can be applied to your innovation agenda and answer questions from attendees regarding the project, the process, and next generation healthcare. You can’t miss this opportunity to learn and discuss with your CDI member peer!