CDI Members are the region’s leading Enterprise Innovators.

Our Members are alert to opportunities presented by new technologies and changing markets and wary of threats to current business models. They understand the value of Collaborative Innovation and the need to work across industries to develop new ways of doing business.

CDI Members are:

  • A Cultural Fit. We want “AND” leaders. We want brave leaders. We want tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Believers in Detroit. We want leaders who recognize the potential of a resurgent Detroit, and who want to take a hands-on role in helping to realize it.
  • Decision-Makers. We want those leaders who are responsible for Innovation and Connectivity.

CDI provides cutting-edge programs to help its Members develop collaborative business models,
explore new ideas and move to market faster.

CDI’s services address the needs of Corporate Leaders looking to understand and extract value from Connectivity.

Member Services

Connected Detroit Innovates:

  • Connects Members with corporate leaders eager to look beyond industry lines for new opportunities;
  • Educates Members on how their industries will be disrupted by the Connected World;
  • Prepares Members with the tools, resources, and partners to quickly test and scale ideas; and
  • Empowers Members to turn ideas into actions.

In addition to our Core Member Services, CDI offers specific services that can be tailored to a Member’s Innovation needs. These include prototyping and implementation services, like feasibility analyses, PoCs and testing grounds for Collaborative Innovation concepts via our Connected Life Lab.