The Connected World is the next Technological Discontinuity.

By 2020, it is predicted that there will be over 50 billion connected devices in the world. Coupled with other key technology trends (e.g. ubiquitous network, cloud-based computing and storage, big data, digital society growth), this will present consumers with the potential for an ultra-connected life.

In this Connected World (IoT + Digital), the environments in which companies operate and people work and play will converge; ecosystems will form beyond traditional industry lines. Firms must compete differently. Internal innovation will no longer be enough to keep your company relevant. Companies must learn to work together across industries to survive.

During a Discontinuity, Speed Matters.

Collaboration enables firms to accelerate innovation, adapt quickly and create more competitive market positions. However, many large companies lack the awareness and know-how to engage in cross-industry innovation. Connected Detroit Innovates helps its members, and the region, build a collaborative innovation capability faster.

CDI addresses this Discontinuity by helping corporate leaders build the capability of collaborative innovation.

In the Connected World, innovation will happen on the fringe. Ecosystems will emerge to provide people frictionless and informed experiences. CDI Members pre-invest in collaboration allowing them to move faster by creating shared perceptions of potential for industry innovation and creating new shared capabilities necessary to create disruptive innovation.

CDI is a unique Business Renewal Accelerator focused on Competing in the Connected World.

CDI bridges the whitespace between Large Enterprises, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Community Leaders. CDI equips corporate innovators with tools to build collaborative innovation capabilities for their firms through services & programming focused on generating breakthrough innovation ideas with uncommon partners.

Interested in Competing in the Connected World?